Use Cases for Samelogic Video Surveys

Samelogic allows you to create surveys for different purposes. The insights we provide will help you to make better business decisions by allowing you to fully understand what drives your audiences’ behaviors.

Customer Feedback Surveys

Understanding your customers needs gives you great competitive advantage. With Samelogic Video Surveys you can understand their desires and see their real emotions. Perfect use cases can either be post product purchase surveys, reception counters (with our offline app) or service experience.

Market Research Surveys

Understanding the emotional impact of your marketing campaigns is critical for all your marketing plans. Easily garner feedback on your newest campaigns, videos and strategies to understand how people feel about an perceive them.

Event Feedback Surveys

Event ROI is very difficult to measure. Samelogic can help to change all this by giving Event Organizers the power to understand how attendees felt about their event. This can be done pre-event, to get a better understand of what attendees would love to experience, and post-event to understand how their expectation were met.

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