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Quantitative Video Survey Insights

Give your audience a platform to relay their experiences as a story, gain valuable insights!

Mobile Video Surveys

Samelogic provides an easy way for respondents to submit feedback by giving them a platform to share their stories from their mobile devices. People sharing their experiences through mobile videos has been one of the main reasons Instagram and Snapchat has experienced significant growth over the last few years. Seeing that this is now a key way to communicate, it is only necessary for us to use this as the new medium to collect survey feedback.

Emotional Correlation Radar

Samelogic analyzes the emotional value of what is expressed facially and vocally then correlates both channels. The overlap is then correlated. If both facial and vocal emotion ques closely overlap, then we can safely assume respondents are being truthful. If not, we would advise taking a closer look.

Survey Review

Drilling down into video submissions is very easy with Samelogic. When viewing video survey submissions, the scroll bar shows where particular emotions are expressed in the video and also, that is said is transscribed and analyzed. This data is then presented in an very user friendly manner to for viewers to make actionable decisions.

Offline Surveys

Collect video surveys offline at your front desk or

Connect and Get Feedback from Your Customers on Platforms They Love Using.

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Grow your Customer Loyalty by Knowing Exactly How They Feel

According to Temkin Research Group, Customer Emotion has the largest impact on Customer Loyalty but it's the area where companies are least adept in measuring. Customer Success and Customer Effort platforms fall short in capturing this important metric and this is where Samelogic's strength lies.

Why Measuring Emotion Matters

When a Company Understands It's Customers Emotionally, It Allows Them to Provide Better Experiences

Companies that Understand Their Customers Emotionally do 5X Better!

The American Customer Satisfaction Index Leaders notes that companies which pay keen attention to Customer Experience and Customer Emotion are far more profitable than companies that don't. Over 74% of companies have a poor understanding of how to measure Customer Emotion as they believe it's difficult and time consuming. That was the past, Samelogic takes the hassle out of measuring Customer Emotion by making Customer Satisfaction Surveys interactive like Snapchat. Become more profitable today!

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Interact with your Customers and Get Actionable Feedback!

Quickly set up an account and view the Emotional Pulse™ of your customers and delve in deeper to analyze why they're feeling this way. Samelogic is platform agnostic. Customers don't have to download an app to respond with a Snap.

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Customer emotions are at the heart of business relationships. Relating emotions back to customer outcomes and experiences is key. This company gets it and simplifies it.

Wayne BevanDirector of Product Management @ Virtual Hold Technology

Finally found some people who agree with my philosophy - emotion creates experiences so emotion tells us how we did!

Paul TaylorDirector @ Platinum78

The advent of Emotional Intelligence of analytics.

Michael SpencerCopywriter

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